Illustration for a long drink label for Black Flag Beverages
Black Flag Beverages commissioned illustrations for their upcoming long drink brand New Long Drink Company. They wanted me to combine humour with a traditional coat of arms, which really was playing to my strengths. The challenge was to make it believable and silly at the same time. I chose the style carefully to give the impression of utter seriousness, but upon closer inspection you start to notice the details: the reindeer as supporters, city wildlife – the bunny and the horned owl and the lemon wedge in place of a crest.

Sketch process: we considered many animals as supporters, but settled on reindeer as a true finnish icon. The shield's divisions went through several stages as well, but in the end it had to be kept very simple to be easily readable at the printed size.
Finished drawing: The drawing was done entirely in Clip Studio Paint using vector layers to ensure easy scalability which is potentially huge for this type of product.
The finished products

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