“The Colours of Friendship” stamp booklet contains six different domestic no-value indicator stamp designs. 
“I chose the style partly because of the technical framework and partly because of my own preferences: due to the small size of the stamps, I had to minimize the details, but at the same time I was able to make the pictures more poster-like and the scale larger. There is also a dash of retro, which is very typical to my illustrations.”
In Finland, the Valentine’s Day is mainly celebrated as a Friendship Day:
“Friendship is an extraordinarily beautiful phenomenon: people want to stay together without the strong bonds that come with a romantic relationship, but just because they enjoy each other’s company. At best, friendships last from early childhood to old age. The same people who play with each other as kids are a support and a joy to each other throughout their lives – sometimes even more closely than their own siblings or parents.
For these stamp illustrations, I was looking for different types of friendships and people tied together for different reasons. I also tried to bring along some of the most typical Finnish events and phenomena. I wanted to show how a grandparent’s relationship with a grandchild can re-open the gate to their own childlike enthusiasm. I wanted to include subcultures because they often create strong bonds between people and also serve as shelters. Most of all I wanted these stamps to convey the mutual acceptance of the friends.”

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